Scientists mistakenly discover a way to effortlessly become Stronger and Slimmer without getting out of bed!


Discover why being a Couch Potato and NOT exercising is key to becoming Stronger and Slimmer within 25 minutes or Less!

Imagine while being at home you can turn up your metabolism, melt the fat away without lifting weights, doing cardio or joining an exercise class? 

Right now we are living in unprecedented times. We are watching the world from our living rooms and day by day we are missing the simple pleasures of a walk in the park or swim, or even going to the gym as we are so used to… 

It all seems like an eternity away right now! 

And it’s not looking possible for this to happen any time soon.

The biggest concern for men and women is their weight going up and their muscles getting weak. Once physically fit people are becoming couch potato’s!

So what do you do? We know we are doing the right thing by staying home but it is at a cost to our physical health.
The truth is gym equipment takes up a crazy amount of space, and many on-line sports stores have doubled their prices. Even if you wanted to buy any fitness equipment it is sold out! 

It’s like being between a rock and a hard place. It’s also challenging to get motivated when you think of being at home as a place to rest and chill out rather than a bootcamp! 
Imagine being able to change your mindset right now, so you can see this time in isolation as opportunity to become a better healthier YOU?

It doesn't have to be difficult.  In fact a lot of diets and fitness regimes want to you slog it out but I can assure with these scientifically designed recordings you will be well on way to being fitter and slimmer without having to think about it!
The biggest problem... If you are stuck at home? BOREDOM! 

Even though the supermarket shelves are empty our fridges are full! 
We are all sitting at home, as we rightly should be BUT this leads to comfort eating and this leads to weight gain which leads to loss of self-esteem.

All those extra calories being eaten and not being exercised off!

But what if being a couch potato right now was The PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to give you a stronger body, build muscle strength and still help you lose weight, without getting out of your pajama’s?
A recent study which was conducted by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation which has officially proved that you can build bigger muscles JUST BY THINKING about using them. So, now you can get buff IN YOUR SLEEP and you can speed up your metabolism!
This study was presented to the Society of Neuroscience which has triggered a wave of evidence!
Brain scientists now confirm when you are in a relaxed, sleepy state you can override bad habits which includes eating for the sake of it and getting fat.

What is even more exciting while in this state you can transform a once wimpy muscle into a powerhouse of strength in as little as 25 minutes or less!
You may be thinking ‘How do I do that?’

Fortunately, there is something available right now that has been gifted to you by some very clever scientists. Who at the time didn’t know how valuable this discovery would be to us in our lives right now!

One of the best kept secrets out there… Elite athletes use this technique to optimise their fitness and use it in times of injury so they recover faster!

Just because your gym membership has been put on hold doesn’t mean you put your health on hold!

A Scientist accidentally stumbled across a method that trains muscles to get stronger by up to 35% without exercising at all!

This Simple Yet Highly Effective Scientific 'Mistake' 

Improve Muscle Strength

Increase Metabolism

Stop Boredom Eating

Stop Worrying about Putting on Weight

Come Out of Quarantine Slimmer and Healthier

Lose Weight without thinking about it!

Hundreds Of Men & Women Just Like You Around The World Are Already Applying This 'Scientific Mishap'

As featured in The Express Newspaper!
"I lost the diet mentality. I now have the odd piece of chocolate but it’s no longer a big deal. I also threw out my scales! After a couple of months I was down to a size 18 and since then the weight has come off gradually."
As featured in The Independent Newspaper
"I don’t know if it’s because I have more energy and I am more active, but I’ve lost 7 pounds! People keep saying how well I look. Yesterday, someone asked me if I’d had a facelift.’'
As featured in Cosmopolitan magazine
"I lost two stone. I started making healthier choices, simply because I gained respect for myself.”


  • Men who want to keep their buff body: This unique method keeps muscles in peak condition while in lockdown
  • Perfect for women who are eating too much: Stops the overeating straight away!
  • Ideal for those who feel trapped by lack of space to exercise: Living room not big enough to work out properly
  • ​Feeling down because of lack of exercise: We know the isolation is starting to get to us. This is the perfect solution!
  • ​Home without gym equipment: Create a home environment that you love spending time in without crazy amounts of gym equipment everywhere!


25 Minute Brain Boosting FITNESS Recording

This life changing 25 minute get Fit recording is the perfect way to get those muscles stronger from the first time you listen. Imagine while you rest, your brain and body are getting wise to a fast way to improve muscle tone and strength without lifting a finger!

25 Minute Brain Boosting EAT LESS Recording

Within minutes you will be well on your way eating healthier, making AMAZING slim food choices without having to think about!  This laser targeted recording is training your brain and body to eat when you are hungry rather than when you are bored, tired or whatever!

1 Hour Bonus Subliminal BUIILD MUSCLE STRENGTH Recording

Play this BONUS recording while at your computer, cooking, reading or just chilling out.  You can't hear the words but your clever mind can, so it makes it even easier to get those muscles working for you while in isolation!

1 hour Bonus Subliminal EAT LESS Recording

Put this recording on in the background while you work, read or whatever!  Although you can't hear the words, your inner mind is absorbing and enjoying experiencing a calmer, healthier relationship with food.  You just notice you are making positive food choices naturally and effortlessly.

1 Video 

Discover how this program will revolutionise your mind and body

Discover how to use these recordings to get you ready for the world when we get out of lockdown, slimmer, healthier and happier with YOU!


Imagine, if you woke up in just 30 days, and you were physically stronger, slimmer and happier. Your clothes barely fit, you had to keep pulling up your pants, and you loved the mirror again.

Or, just imagine how after the Quarantine ends, you go back outside this summer, and everyone asks you "What the hell did you do this Quarantine? Starve yourself for a whole month"

You answer back with a big smile on your face "Nope, I just laid on my couch for 25 minutes a day with these scientifically proven MP3 recordings..."
You FINALLY feel good that family and friends can see you've been doing something but 'HOW DID YOU DO IT?' 

After everything with the Corona virus, this actually has turned out the best year for a long time...

You hate to admit it, but in some ways, being Quarantined for all of these days and nights was a blessing for you, and your life is now better.
There are some incredible benefits to this technique, no more personal trainers on-line and ruining your knees when this is all over. Because your muscles will be strong and your body will be so much healthier!

All you need is your own mind and body and it takes just 25 minutes or less and you’re done! I'm not kidding. And just to remind you that you don't need a lot of space either ….just your bed or couch!

And better yet, you won't end up feeling exhausted afterwards like normal exercising too! In fact, part of what makes this new kind of sleep workout so great is that it increases your energy levels. So, when you come out of this smart exercise time you can do more of what you love throughout the day feeling fitter and happier too.
Welcome to the wonderful world of mental gymnastics.

A system that works while you are resting, so get buffing without huffing and train without the strain!

You are literally burning the extra calories that you are consuming without having to think about it while you are sleeping. 

Waving goodbye to guilt laden eating because your mind thinks it is exercising it off! 

All while you are sleeping; You will be literally burning calories while you sleep!

This system works for EVERYONE. It’s perfect for those with joint problems who find exercising painful or for those with back problems. 

Even for those who have put on that bit of weight on and find the thought of going to the gym eventually after this is all over feeling really unfit a scary thought.

This is the perfect solution for ALL!

THE BEST THING about this method, it’s digital, so you can get started straight away!

No Worries OR Risk... The Product Comes With A
100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
I am offering 60 Day Money Back Guarantee because I just know you are going to love this method. Because it’s a clever way of building important muscle strength while losing weight without the sweat and muscle strain!


OPTION 1: DO NOTHING AND GO BACKWARDS...  The thought of getting weaker and clothes getting tighter I know is not what you want.  Do the smart and wiser thing that actually is easy and effortless. 

OPTION 2: DO NOTHING AND IF YOU ARE LUCKY, STAY THE SAME..  You could do what you are doing and hope that by the time you get out of quarantine you won't have gained weight but then what about your weak muscles?

OPTION 3: MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY, AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE... The methods on these recordings have been tried and proven with over 60,000 men and women to achieve incredible success!  This method  takes the pain away! You just lie back and let your mind and body do all the work!


I've been helping people discover how to use their minds to improve self worth, lose weight and become a better physical version of themselves since 1994!

It wasn't until I discovered a little known technique that utilises powerful brain training techniques that sports men and women do all the time to get on top of their game that I realised I could do this too!

I've spent years working with neuroscientists, experts and working with clients one on one to get these sorts of AMAZING results.

The great news is I've spent years fine tuning these techniques, so you don't need to search Google anymore for a half baked promises that costs the earth!

Everything you need is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!


How often do I listen to the 25 minute recordings?
My suggestion is to put one of the 25 minute recordings on in the morning when you wake or in the afternoon after lunch.  Just lie back and relax.  Remember, you can think whatever thoughts come to your mind.  It's very common for people to drift or go to sleep too.
How often do I listen to the subliminal recordings?
Keep the recordings on in the background while at your desk, reading, working or even while you drift into sleep.  The recordings are specifically engineered on purpose for you not to hear the words, so you are not distracted by it but I can assure you the important messages are going into your mind to support your goal of being slimmer and healthier inside and out!
If I need to stop the recording do I start from the beginning again?
We all live demanding lives, so if you need to become alert to anything like your phone ringing or something you need to attend to, just open your eyes and you can start again where you left off or the beginning again. Remember, these recordings are building your self worth while you are becoming healthier, so listen as much as you want.
I am not very technical. Can I get help if I need it?
Absolutely we can help you.  My team is on tap 24 hours a day.  If for any reason you cannot play instantly, please let us know.  Our suggestion is to download if your wifi is often unpredictable so you can listen whenever you want.  Please any questions we are here to help you get started straight away!
How will I know it is working?
Great question! The recordings are creating healthier habits without you even noticing!  It's often on reflection you notice that you are buying foods that support your slim goals.  Also, you will become aware that you are feeling stronger emotionally and physically. The one things many men and women comment on is that they start to love 'exercise' in ways they hadn't imagined before.  Because the recordings are getting you ready for the outside world with more vigour and energy to bounce into your life with a confidence like never before!
Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. You Have nothing To Lose With My 60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee.
Are you still sceptical? Well I can understand this. This is why I decided to give you the following 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE.

You have 60 days to review the program and try to follow the instructions and the  tips given in here and if you are not satisfied just email me and you will receive 100% refund.
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All Ebooks, Charts, and Questionnaires come in .PDF format, accessible with Adobe Acrobat, which you can download for free at
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